Schedule of Events for 2004

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Event Date Event Host Type of Event
Event Hosts Brunch January 25 Board
Super Bowl Party February 1 Lisa & Gary Gable / Mary Lou & Galen Espinosa
New Members Brunch February 22 Jim & Lyn Senske
A Night of Illusions March 13 Michael & Sharon Courtway
Opening Day April 17 Jim & Jeanne Woods
Avalon Cruise May 14-16 Dennis & Kathy Kreil
Night at the Races June 26 John & Maryann Boryszewski
Fishing Tournament
& Dinner
July 17 Ted & Linda Cohen
Progressive Dinner August 21 John and Margaret Humphreys
Newport Harbor Raft-Up September 11-12 Greg & Kathy Lee
Annual General Meeting October 6 Board
Octoberfest October 16 Jerry and Suzanne Russell
Commodore's Ball November 13 Dennis & Kathy Kreil
Boat Parade TBD Michael & Sharon Courtway
New Years Eve Gala December 31 Mary Shebell & Merle McCormick

EVENT HOSTS:  You can use these event pages to post information regarding your event. It can be changed and updated as frequently as you wish. Every event has a link to an event page where you can post your flyer prior to the event and provide as much information as necessary about the details. After the event you can post a story and pictures about the happenings at the event. Folks who were unable to attend can enjoy reading about the fun the attendees had.

I encourage you to have fun using this medium to reach our members and generate interest in your event.

You can send the information to Webmaster, Tom Worden via e-mail at or snail mail or bring it by my home. The data can be in electronic form or I can scan it into the system. You can find my electronic or physical address and phone number in the SGYC membership rooster.