2004 Fishing Tournament & Dinner

Thanks to Mike Courtway for these three shots taken at the weigh in.
Congratulations to our 'SGYC Fisherman of the Year,' Kathy Lee.

First make sure things are shipshape and then off to the "Flats" to see what was waiting to be caught.

Holy mackerel there were a lot of mackerel and an occasional stingray. Where are those barracuda and shrimp the other boats were catching?
Then the real fisherman came by to see how we were doing. He was very happy we were throwing those mackerel back for him.
It was time to talk about the one that got away.
Ted ---

The food was awsome. It was a real seafood feast.
Our thanks to Linda & Ted Cohen and David Snegg for a wonderful day.

David was responsible for all the great prizes.
On the left are all the fishermen who participated in this year's event.

On the right is Ted Cohen presenting the 'SGYC Fisherman of the Year' award to Kathy Lee.